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About Me


I am driven with an outgoing personality, extensive traveling, unique clientele, and extensive schooling in a number of disciplines, which would add value to any company. Having been trained on all Adobe Creative Suites and Final Cut Pro, I am fluent in design elements, color and design, video editing, and motion graphics. I have also worked in niche industries that require forward thinking, innovative methodologies, and tactics, and yet, can work in a team environment or be a leader. I love the outdoors, swimming, music, the arts, and love being creative in all that I do. I have traveled extensively, been to every state but Alaska, and all over North America. I appreciate that I have balance between the qualitative and quantitative mindsets, that allow me to bridge the divide between the two.

Technology Sector

I have extensive background in marketing and social media, as well as understanding brand positioning, design, and marketing channels that are outside the normal parameters; having worked in competitive industries such as music, arts, E-commerce, sports, and technology industries. I am also a firm believer in communication and community. I am a naturalist at heart, and spend my free time hiking and traveling in nature.

Narrative Marketing

I am a firm believer in the balance of narratives/storytelling in combination with proven SMM tools and insights that convey an overall picture of marketing campaigns across multiple platforms and outlets. Understanding the key elements of design and narratives, I am conscious of the demographic and psychographic targeting to leverage growth in a specific market. Leadership means being open to team input, while understanding the need for dynamic thinking and creative messaging. Connection to the client or consumer must utilize secondary and tertiary connections that go beyond the product sales determination of cost, speed, and efficiency, and therefore, connect on those secondary levels and into psychographic connections to a company and product through branding and narrative engagement.


I am extremely interested in the job you have available. I have an extensive network of Cannabis related connections in the industry, having worked with Trog (Australian Cannabis Artist), the Church of Cannabis in Colorado, Kevin of Champs, Vegas Cannabis Magazine, toured grow facilities in Las Vegas, worked on design and marketing projects, have lists of Dispensary Contacts, as well as influencers in the industry. I currently work for a Cannabis Tech Company, so I know the industry issues well.

I understand the extreme difference in marketing in the Cannabis industry, due to restrictions. Most in marketing and sales do not understand the restrictions, and therefore, limitations that Cannabis Businesses face in this marketing arena. From understanding traditional marketing personas and targeting, to weaving through various keywords and images that are restricted in our industry, I have a vast knowledge and network of people in the industry that I am connected with to maximize marketing campaign goals.

~Jeff Schenck